Campaign Architecture and Social Media Strategy

MFA Design for Social Innovation


BACKGROUND is an organisation that designs travel experiences for the 21st century thats immersive, impactful and authentic. wants to To enhance the mission of great social organizations by facilitating mutually beneficial virtual and in-person interactions between people and communities around the world.

“Each experience has an immediate lasting impact, it's that each experience is also exciting and memorable. It’s not going to be a run of the mill, take a picture at this nice view, you are going to get context, meet locals, connect to the location that isn’t in a bubble.”

— Pauline,, Social Media Manager


We created a campaign architecture for, with the goals that aligns with the mission and vision of the organization, so that ultimately can stand as a pioneer in the community based travel industry.

Campaign Goals

  1. Increase’s online visibility
  2. Spread’s vision for the future of travel
  3. Invite travellers to engage their curiosity in a way that benefits global communities


To enhance the mission of great social organisations by facilitating mutually beneficial (virtual and in-person) interactions between people and communities around the world.


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In order to better understand how the campaign should be framed and developed, we took a human-centred approach, conducting qualitative and ethnographic research to scope the opportunity areas according to the customers' desires.


Interviews of a variety of stakeholders– ambassadors, travellers and organizations associated with

Benchmarking researched a variety of organizations that work in tourism/provide similar service

Participatory Research took a tour with Stone Barns Center for Agriculture


Research was primarily based on four domains as follows–

Meaning: Terminologies used in the social impact travel space

Excitement: How can we provide excitement and also look into social impact?

Market: Existing space, competitors

The Why: What makes people choose social impact travel experiences


Defining opportunity areas based on research, in order to probe deeper into concepts.

Understanding the Target Audience

THE Concept

A vision that defines the future of travel, and moving from the negative impacts of travel to positive impacts of travel.

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Building a movement

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Creating Engagement- Using the components of building a movement, an engagement ladder was defined and built

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TRAVEL: AN ACT OF _________________

Travel as an opportunity to express the organisation's hope and vision for the world. Currently, has eight activity categories. Each of them are unique, conjuring up numerous values to uphold when traveling. We thought about what those categories mean to the participating organisations and how travel guided by values — appreciation, coexistence, sharing, support, protection, enrichment, protection, well-being, and empathy — was something travellers could get on board with.

Travel then became an act in which one could uphold their values and contribute to a greater vision for the future of travel.

We want those values to empower travellers to align with their personal beliefs and make decisions from a place of connection with everything the world has to offer.

Travel: An act of living your values.

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In order to create actions for the campaign and build a bigger movement

1. Video Series

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1.a Video Series for engagement at Public spaces

2. Gift Card Sharing

To add a sense of belonging and foster awareness among the customers.

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3. Social Media and Online platform

How to showcase the video series across platforms, disseminating the values associated with the act of travel throughout the community?Goal: Unite the stories, with the focus of “Travel: An act of”, of participating organisations, travellers, ambassadors, and staff in one place.

Content Focus

What attracts people?

What makes people care about the work of

What sends the message about positive impact?

Translating the stories on Social Media Platforms


The strategy, content and assets developed were aiming at launching for the World Tourism Day, in order to better promote the campaign for, create awareness so that more and more people are choosing community based travel experiences that creates positive travel experiences of social impact.

Bringing together the message put forth in the videos into a day of celebration, activating ambassadors from around the world to invite travellers to state their values and participate in’s vision for the future of travel.

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Insight Generation, sense making, team work, creative collaboration


Qianshang Chen, Amanda Finuccio, Jinwei Hu, Lang Qin, María A. Sandoval-Avila, Hrudaya Veena Yanamandala


Participatory research and insight generation, qualitative research and interviews, profiling customers and seeking early adopters, video series– content generation, campaign strategy for the World Tourism Day and engagement ladder